What a Time to Be Alive!

Remember that one time I ghosted on writing for months and proceeded to eat burritos like a full-contact sport instead? Cool, yeah...me too.

What a time to be alive!! Drake wasn't kidding. A time when you're living the dream or dying trying. A time when the universe is universally obsessed with the Internet of things, equality, and Justin Bieber. With global warming, emojis, and (hopefully? maybe?) world peace. In no particular order.

It's April -- Spring-ish, Monday, and sunny. And really, who knows where the last few months went.

Some days, we're singing along with Drake. And other days: "Work work work work work," along with Rihanna. That's life on the real. We're caught somewhere between feeling like we're too young to know what the heck we're doing. But too old to not know what we're doing. Ya feel?


The good news is that I'm fairly certain ice cream was created with this conundrum in mind. Mint chip and cookie dough hold all of life's answers!!! Mom/Dad would fully endorse this judgment call. And if we've learned anything from them, it's that "because I said so" is always enough of a reason.

Let's shoot the breeze and Monday like it's a verb. I'm not sure what that verb looks like, but I'm hoping you do. That feels like friendship. So tell me what's what in your life, and I'll tell you who's who in mine.


I've spent the last 4 months living the only way I know how -- splitting my time simultaneously trying to hangout with aaaaall of humanity and running away from it at the same time.

Meanwhile, San Francisco has alternated between raining cats/dogs/whatever else El Niño can find and sporting sunshine enough to necessitate a cold beer ASAP.

In other news, I spent February visiting (and being visited by) all the humans of NYC. These are the people who ate an unholy number of bagels with me. The people who walked the entire dang city, Brooklyn Bridge and back. The people who were up for talking about the big things and the little things and all the minor/major existential crises in between.

Can we all admit that we spent March doing who knows what? Awesome.

We spent March with those in good humor, laughing at all the fools who thought they fooled us. There was lots of music and no %*$^! given. And an Easter feast for the books.

Now April, here we go! I'm singing in the shower, hoping the neighbors don't hear but totally at peace that it'll be a viral video on Buzzfeed if they do. I'm playing sports, learning guitar from someone other than YouTube, and desperately trying to keep my plants alive like the adult that I'm not.

What a time to be alive! We're living the dream...or dying trying all the ice cream flavors while we figure it out. And if anyone asks why, the answer is easy --

Because I said so.