This Summer Intentionally Left Blank

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset I'm tempted to write, "This page summer intentionally left blank." Because that's what life looks like right now.

The ocean has become my second skin. Watermelon has become a food group. And pajamas have become not a choice, but a lifestyle. Actually, I'm relatively sure the neighbors are convinced that I'm a mysterious recluse planning some major heist, all while wearing pajamas.

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In truth, I've had no intention to do anything in particular and every intention to dabble in the art of doing nothing this summer. I've spent plenty of time with Mom and Dad --- happily received after four years of haphazard nomad life.

I've watched the entirety of New Girl and laughed out loud through some of, much of...okay, all of it. Perhaps mostly though, I've relearned how to be alone, to come back to solo familiarity.

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Such has been the tune of summer. Sipping iced tea, reading all the beach reads, eating too many fajitas with two great friends, and definitely maybe living in a bathing suit. I'm catching up on the news. You know, for all of 2015 that I've missed.

I'm doing a lot of yoga to tune in. And playing a lot of guitar to tune out. Self-spring cleaning of sorts! But you know, summer.

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Admittedly, I've been a bit off-the-grid, in hopes that a short leave of absence from everyday social demands might lend itself to finding some inner peace. To go from constant social activity in college to an abundance of alone time is a test of extremes.

For an admitted extrovert, it's odd, refreshing, and maddening all at once. I think most people would call that the peace I've been seeking.

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This is to say that simplicity has been a joyful recess from life's adventures. A quick breath of fresh air before "real life" begins, as I move to San Francisco and begin work in September. Unlike other transitions, I haven't dreaded this chapter one-and-a-half. The middle ground is comforting, for once. Learning to adult is not a one day shabang, after all.

With these last few dog days of summer, I'm trying to savor free time while it's still free. To relish the page intentionally left blank.

And to find balance in the whole dang thing..

...all while wearing pajamas.