I'm Sending You a Postcard

IMG_0046I've always wanted to be the kind of person that sends postcards. The globetrotting kind that sends a visual message-in-a-bottle from really rad places and with effortlessly cool handwriting.

The thing is though, I'm notoriously terrible at remembering to buy, write, or send postcards...the essentials, more or less. I also have a thing for technology. And I hate my own handwriting.

This combination does not = postcard kind of person.

So instead, I'm sending you a postcard here. If you're taking the time to read this, I probably would have sent you a postcard (if I was that kind of person). To you in New York City who always secretly laughs at all my bad jokes.

To you in Washington D.C. who is headed to Jazz in the Garden. To you in San Francisco who never hesitates to remind me of our crazy first date. To you abroad, eating all the delicious things. To you in the world who always takes the time to say, "What's up?"

You! I'm sending you a postcard. With too many 1 cent stamps. And probably a gelato stain. No postmark, but it'd probably be late if there was one.

I'm sending you a postcard from..



London - Cheerio! London town was full of proper rollie pollie cabs and grey skies. And as an American, I felt like everything seems familiar but foreign. A collision of cultures, if you will. The mushy peas are wildly overrated. But those "digestive" biscuits?! Man, oh man. Lord, save the queen.

Amsterdam - If there ever was a way to make a maniac on a bike feel right at home, this is it. Life lesson: Dutch apple pie puts American apple pie to shame. The same could be said of beer. It's wacky, but aren't we all a little?



Paris - Oh Paris, je t'aime indeed. I love speaking your language, be that French or butter. It's unclear which of those is the real native tongue. One day (not today, but like...the year after tomorrow), I'll be back to call you home. That's a little bold. But then again, this is me we're talking about.

Lisbon - You remind a girl that life is meant for living. Truly, Lisbon was my favorite of the trip. Laid-back but charming and filled with friends who have the same natural zest for life. Here, there was an art to doorways -- to inviting people in with cordiality and sending them off with warmest wishes. We'll go back! Oh yes we will.


Barcelona - Naps and nightlife -- was there ever a more accurate description? Barcelona was a laughable realization that it's a small world after all. Notably in the middle of a club after far too much liquid courage. No new friends isn't really our style anyway.

Prague - Castles with charisma and monasteries with home-brewed beer. All the way with the panache! Bohemian gems and a hint of old world charm. We also tried Czech food for the first time. And maybe the last time too...


Berlin - You embody good vibes and great food. The main squeeze. As a bonus, your street music is the best I've ever heard. The kind of sounds that I wish I could capture in a bottle and save for a rainy day. You've got spunk, brimming with a sort of unidentifiable vitality.




Greece - In one word: janky. The notion of sidewalks eludes you, but your sunsets more than make up for it. You've got the views down-pat. Not to mention the gelato, the beaches, and the kindest Greek people. The European Union (ECB) is like "B*tch better have my money," and you're just like, "How about a postcard?" Points for audacity.

After wandering across a continent, home is a welcome destination. I'm doing a whole lot of nothing here, and that's the most refreshing adventure of all for a constant doer.


Listening to - Little May - Boardwalks (remix). It sounds like summer! Playing - Ben E King  & Kanye West on guitar. Clearly,  don't understand what "genre" means. Watching - Orange is the New Black & Good Will Hunting (my new favorite movie) Reading - The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd Learning - How to do: Elementary Spanish, html code, and peacock pose (pincha mayurasana) in yoga

Doing - Nothing. Well, except sending a few postcards.