Finals & Otherwise

A few pennies for your thoughts: 1. Regarding finals. Greetings from my home in the library -- the capital of procrasti-Nation.


I'm writing a final paper that includes a reflection on my entire college experience. I can vouch that my paper is currently rubbish, but it's perhaps the best (and only legitimate) excuse I've ever had to Facebook stalk myself. (I digress though.)

The professor encouraged us to consider  three things one should think to say, especially as college comes to close: 1) Thank you 2) I'm sorry and 3) I love you. Life on the real! These are the big hitters in the world of vulnerability. Let's consider it. Consider the things we've said and the things we've left unsaid in the last four years of  life.

In other news, a professor just informed me that I forgot to put my name on a final exam. Demotion to the second grade is altogether possible.

2. Kid President's Pep Talk. A guaranteed pick-me-up.


3. Ivan & Alyosha's New Album. I'm sorry / not sorry that I'm fangirling.

Here's to one final paper and then freedom...or demotion to the second grade?