So You're Looking for Inspiration?

IMG_7952 So you're looking for inspiration? Join the club. It's January. It's Monday. And this case of the blahhhhhhhh's is f'real. No joke.

This uptown funk has a way of making us feel just a bit blaisé with it all. I chalk it up to the whole dang world being back to work. Which means slogging through a hot mess of an email inbox, Christmas music withdrawals, and meetings out the wazoo with everybody, ever. Everything on our December to-do list that was stowed away in a miscellaneous junk cabinet of the brain is like, "HELLO WTF NICE TO SEE YOU TOO."

Since hiding under a rock sounds both painful and infeasible, let's get back in this game. Si se puede! Yes, we can!

I believe in us, Mondays and all. Consequentially, so does the Internet. Here's how, in inspiration form:


Why we can't help loving Top 40 music: // Shazam has it figured out, but there's a catch. “It turns out that we just want to listen to the same songs over and over again."

• How to Understand White Privilege. // Important. So, so, so important. A must-read for anyone, no matter who you are.

How to Kick Butt 101: // Climb this really nutzo, crazy, seriously awesome Dawn Wall in Yosemite. Make history. You know, casual.

Is Love Also Science? // To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This. We had a dinner conversation about this, and my conclusion is this: these questions create intimacy, but not love. (Though intimacy is often part of love, so touché)

Beauty isn't forever, // but Meryl Streep is.

On diets. // What if you didn't have to eat like a caveman, forego carbohydrates (WHY?), drink like aaaaall the juice, or eat Soylent to be healthy? There's this really cool idea wherein you eat real food, instead of dieting: The Anti-Detox Diet. Let's get uncomplicated, yo!

Peace & quiet. // Let's take a hot second to embrace the NY Times' The Joy of Quiet. Because sidenote, meditation could be changing our DNA?

• The world be cray. // How the World Changed in 2014.

Hallelujah, Ben & Jerry's. // I just died and went to ice cream heaven, thanks to my two fave men. 2 words: COOKIE CORE. Game over.


Tomorrow is time to get back into this game! I think you're great, really I do.

Let's not forget it. Buh-bye!