The State of January


So can we agree that January is just a lot? Snow is far less sexy when battling blizzards is required for participation in life. Good intentions to drink more water and eat more vegetables are easily confused with more beer and more pizza.

And ahem, someone better have a really compelling reason why it's inappropriate to wear a Snuggie to class/work.

(Equally compelling is the fact that we can ignore any reason the world gives us.)

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We've got a fair shake of people telling us How to do a Juice Cleanse (and be really miserable); How to Be a New You (because Old You is so out); How to Resolve to Do Everything Ever (but not actually do it) or How Not To Set New Years Resolutions Period (because *shrug*).

It's all a complicated beast, really.

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I don't have any miracle gluten free diets to recommend or get-rich-quick schemes to share. But it's my 21st year in this rodeo, which is secret code for the fact that I know a whole lot of a something about a whole lot of nothing.

I mean, 21 years is older (& wiser??) than Facebook, Buzzfeed, and skinny jeans all put together. Heck, 21 years is older than the entire Internet! Boom clap.


2015 already, ma? Ya gotta be kidding me. I hope you got ready, got set, and got to the go. I hope you're still hoarding the last few goodies from Mom/Dad's care package. And I really hope that you're planning on inviting me over to share them.

I'm mostly kidding about that invitation. Unless Mom/Dad sent  homemade brownies or cozy socks or a piña colada, in which case I'm totally not kidding. Priorities of friendship.

14 days into the year, and topsy turvy is already the name of the game. We may be back to doggie paddling, but the rest of the world is right there with us. We'll call it somewhere in between sink and swim.


The world for me comes bursting at the seams this year. Hey world, slow your roll!

So far, we've crossed off a cruisin' trip to Los Angeles; a masquerade ball best described as "soooo college" by every parent ever; and an unhealthy/healthy amount of New Girl.

I've also taken to teaching myself guitar and am borderline semi-pro. Or more accurately, I'm superbly mediocre and thrilled about it.


In the works, there's upcoming trips New York City trips and a roadtrip to Mardi Gras. There's old skool hanging out and a birthday or two. There's capstone classes and a spring break jetset to Cozumel where guacamole is the imperative word (or is it margarita?).

There's a finale of Georgetown and all the holy $h!t moments of impending graduation (let's not talk about it). Perhaps a European adventure on the docket and a return to home base. There's moving to San Francisco and starting at Google full time. And who knows what else. Cheers!

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Between now and then though, we have plenty of awkward moments, crazy hair days, and oops-we-did-it-again moments to enjoy and endure. I mean, it's all part of the master plan, right? *wink wink*

Meanwhile, let's get our priorities straight and resolve to find a really compelling reason as to why Snuggies should be school/work appropriate.

Because that's a New Year's resolution I can get behind.