Let's Do This Holiday Thing

henle39christmas The way I see it, there are two kinds of people: holiday lovers and holiday haters. We'll call it an inevitable ecosystem.

Holiday lovers are the ones who start freaking out (I mean F.R.E.A.K.I.N.G. out) as soon as humanly possible with holiday anticipation. Think starting right after Thanksgiving. Or Halloween. Or Easter, really.

Holiday haters see the big man in the red suit and are like, "BYE FELICIA!" See also: dislike of Christmas carols, disgruntled single people, fear of overeager mall shoppers, and kids who were forced to eat fruitcake.


Whichever camp of holiday enthusiasm you fall into, denial at this point is futile.This holiday thing is in full swing. We're finally sitting on the doorstep of the Eve. I mean, THE Eve.

Let's be lovers, not haters, and welcome the holiday craziness with open arms. I mean, we might as well go all in. There's no way we're making it out alive--unless it's covered in tinsel, sugar cookies, and the remnants of an injudicious gift wrap explosion (or two...)


There's no way we're avoiding Grandma/Grandpa asking why we're not a) president, b) married, c) rich/famous, or d) all of the above.

The key is to nod and smile. Then, bribery with spiked eggnog. Nothing to lose; everything to gain?

(I think that's what Santa must have said when he applied for the position of Claus.)


To avoid this season getting all up in our grill, can we just call time out?

It's the move! Our fate in Christmas shopping is sealed at this point anyway: it's aaaaaall the giftcards or bust.

So we can step away from the hoards of mall parents, gingerbread houses, and reruns of Elf. Sheer madness can wait.

Gimme the goin' on in your life. It'll be good practice for Grandma/Grandpa and all miscellaneous relatives. Ready or not, here's my winter best in pictures, jingled and janky as per usual:

IMG_7753 •  Holiday Gala. It's what happens when hot mess meets the holidays. You want to see organized chaos? Try 800 college kids, cocktail attire, and an open bar. There are no words -- only ridiculous dance moves.

IMG_7748 •  The Head & The Heart concert was like a riot of music in the heart. Holy moly holy moly. (Does anyone actually know what "moly" means?)  I'm a sucker for acoustic-y music of any sort. That would explain my impulse guitar buy, now wouldn't it?

1545653_10203370828292445_7863646966874495902_n •  As a senior in college, it's easy to stick within your group of friends. Old school homies are great. But there's a certain freeing joy in meeting someone new. You see and can be seen as having a past but not defined by it. Birthday dinners and goofy pictures are bonus points.

IMG_7805 •  Here's a secret: I've never had a white Christmas. And while snowmen and Rudolph and sleigh rides sound great, I should confess that the beach makes one quick to forget, ha!


•  From my fam bam and friends to yours: Merry _____ !  Whatever _____ may be. Just sayin', I invented the blank space way before Taylor Swift.

Okay , okay. We're about thisssss much ho-ho-ho away from it being the holidays. You can do it! Deep breaths, and just remember....

Nod and smile. Bribery optional.