Best Kept Simple

IMG_7209 Let's talk bold decisions.

Like the fact that I've successfully learned to bike with no hands...confessions of a multi-tasking nomad. Or the fact that pizza has been the primary food group of exactly 4 out of 6 of my last meals. Or the fact that I bought the kind of dress that means BUSINESS, knowing full well this pizza situation.

Because heck yes, we can. Nobody said we couldn't; I said we could.

(How can you argue with something like that? Answer: Ya can't.)

That's my life update in a nut shell. What's yours?


Let's put real life on hold for a hot second.

Don't look at me like that. Rules be damned! Especially those involving pizza.

My hair is long and summer-streaked, flushed with the same sunshine that is presently high-five'ing my dimples. These last few days caught me by surprise--smack dab in the middle of July's bizness. We weekend'd...oh yes we did.

We did Saturday right: strolling hand-in-hand with the kind of people that you hope never leave and the kind of scenery that you hope never ends. We celebrated a birthday three times...because once just isn't enough. Trouble. Nothing but trouble.


And of course, we Sunday'd. The fun-sies! The necessities! All of the above.

We coffee'd and parked ourselves in the park (Dolores) like a lazy day demands.  Chatted and chilled and bought that crazy impulse buy. And we cleaned our bed sheets. Because freeessshhh is funky fresh. (Who knew learning-to-adult smells like spring flowers?)

Fist pump. Hip bump. It's all good.


You're totally caught off guard by this girl talking.

Here's the thing though: I know ambition fancies the future, not the right-this-hot-second. Granted, I'm a thinker and an occasional over-thinker. A dreamer and a frequent over-dreamer. But today, I have no interest in being either.

I'm feeling that familiar smile hanging around my lips, and for once, I'm just content to say that's enough. To be with the people responsible for that very smile. To laugh at and with the beloved bozos I call friends. To traipse around this wild and weird city.

And to embrace that right now, it's all best kept simple.