10 Little Things I Learned in March

We're on April's doorstep. And absolutely nobody is mad about it. We've been chasing a freezing March and winter out of the house like a cat and a mouse. We're moving on and moving up! April is when the beat quickens and where the magic happens. The famous D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival is on daily countdown. Easter is ready or set. The Farmers' Market is a go. Georgetown Day, an exemplary of district debauchery, is on the horizon.

And because you know I wouldn't dare go out with a bang, the last day of April marks my 21st birthday.

Do it, and do it big. Fear is not a friend of mine.

But first...March! Let's talk.


  1. Being back at the Georgetown Farmers’ Market makes this house feel like home. There’s the world’s best waffles, punny jokes at max capacity, and good vibes all around.

  2. Miami is equal parts wild, weird, and wonderful. And The Electric Pickle is truly one of a kind. It has a strange way of making up for lost time, while making you realize time was never lost in the first place. Killin' it is just part of the job description. It’s hilarious and janky and unexpected at its finest. But hey you, that’s been our m.o. since Day 1.

    1958364_10152425691977868_1940511269_n Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

  3. Love thy parents who do thy taxes. Pay in unlimited hugs. (generously)

  4. I’m consistently underdressed for the weather and overdressed for everything else. This could plausibly explain why I ended up in business casual on a bicycle last week, speeding between a formal presentation and the farmers’ market. Note to self: heels on wheels and freezing rain is a unique sort of experience. It washes away any semblance of hubris...in a very real I-can’t-feel-my-toes sort of way.

  5. Shit happens. Here at Georgetown and beyond. Laugh when it happens. Keep friends close and a metaphorical plunger closer.IMG_6650
  6. Life has a bonkers crazy habit of knowing you better than you know yourself. I've lost count of the number of times that I thought I had something figured out, only to realize I'd been looking at it upside down and backwards the entire time. When life does come full circle, don’t be a square and get hung up on a corner. Let it come all the way ‘round.

  7. The beach is my natural habitat, and the ocean is my second skin. Let me live in a bathing suit and t-shirt forever, and I’ll die a happy woman. No pants; no problems.1964962_10152418708287868_1933159672_n
  8. Money can buy lavishness in excess for a pretty penny. Ironically, excess is rather worthless.

  9. Winter has overstayed its welcome. Being stuck inside is a handy reminder of why its important to put yourself out there every day.

  10. When the CEO of Chipotle comes to Georgetown and invites questions, stand up. Speak up. Challenge the idea that you’ll look stupid. Remember that queso is your first language. And when the Head Honcho hands you his autograph, a free burrito, a personal thank you plus his contact info, embrace the art of a high five (because holy guacamole, ya know?).