Introducing the Characters: Allison

IMG_3794 First friend. Like ever. Taco beans magic dies hard. Strawberry blonde sistah child. Just keeps on swimming. And would save me from drowning (literally and figuratively) in less than a heartbeat. Sleepover buds since the beginning. Cake in the face and piñatas in the park. Irish at core, Bostonian beloved all the while. Surrogate sister and second parents. She got it from her mama….and papa too. 

AL and I go way back. Beyond anything I can even remember because we were two PYTs (pretty young things) in strollers at the park. No matter how much time has passed, it's always the same. Kitchen table talk for days. Christmas cookie compadres. Persona and pretenses are tossed out the window because we know each other inside out…and backwards. Writes Dublin tour guides that blow every travel book to Guinness tipsy smithereens. Through life's highs, lows, and ridic in-betweens. Simply a gem who has always been and will always be.
p.s. Happy belated birthday, AL :)