On "Hating" Blogs


To those who have decried the presence of blogs: 

I have never personally encountered one of you. But after speaking with a dear friend who is writing a (study abroad) blog, your existence has come to my attention. It is with this discovery that I would like to convey my sincerest apologies for the earth-shattering inconveniences caused.

I'm terribly sorry that you were forced to click on those links we posted. Utterly heartbroken that we decided to share the experiences that have impressed upon us a lasting memory. Truly despondent that spending a hot second reading a "friend's" account of cultural crossroads took precious time away from you watching Netflix /drinking cheap beer and blacking out (again? again.) on a Friday night.

It's a shame, you know -- deciding to do something you hate and then additionally wasting all that holy breath of yours hating the subject of the decision you made in the first place. We shouldn't have to put up with this! To hell with reading blogs, the rent is too damn high anyway!

So you say you shouldn't have to read these blogs?

You're absolutely right!

Indeed, you have the right to exercise your own self-restraint when presented with a blog link. Whether you have the capability to exercise said restraint is unfortunately not a question I can answer for you.

As for us--we who do choose to recount our experiences on a blog: we're right too.

We have the right to pen a life that is perhaps different from the one we live everyday, replete with the experiences that otherwise remain locked behind lips. We have the right to publish, as you have the right to read (or not). We have the right to be intrigued, pensive, funny, janky, corny, silly, stupid, nonsensical, morose, in d'em-down-dumps,  angry, shocked, excited, curious, and/or incandescently happy.

Because that, you see, is our write.

Cheers ;) -lexi

p.s. Voilà - tough love, but certainly not hate in any form. chill out, and let's keep it funky fresh.