11 Commandments of Italy


Holy cannoli. I leave for a whirlwind tour through Italy with pals K and E tomorrow, and studying for my exam is nearing the point of useless.  We're heading to Bologna, Florence, and Rome in high spirits, in a major state of hot mess, and in pursuit of the ultimate adventure. Excited? I can't even. Ready? As I'll ever be. Forgetting anything? Don't ask.

11 Commandments of Italy

1)   Thou shalt live with infinity as the only boundary. No ceilings.

2)   Thou shalt eat gelato until thou can eat gelato no more.

3)   Thou shalt not elope with an Italian popstar named Paolo. Unless Paolo has 2 gorgeous Italian brothers.

4)   Thou shalt make one Italian friend, be it Pino....or Paolo. What dreams are made of?

5)   Thou shalt live in the moment, every one of them.

6)   Thou shalt keep friends close and good spirits closer.

7)   Thou shalt drink wine like it is water and water like it is wine.

8)   Thou shalt find the grand sights but also the hidden gems too.

9)   Thou shalt embrace pizza as a second language.

10)  Thou shalt remember that one will never again be 20 and traipsing all over Italy.

11)  Thou shalt break all the rules if it makes the rules better.