Reason Enough for Friday

Today is soup & tea territory. It's a universal truth, and we're rolling with it..


The weather can't decide whether to rain cats and dogs or invite the sun out to chill with the bros.

I can't blame it. I feel the same way: all over the place yet neither here nor there. This is the first Friday in a few weeks that I've been at home in Nantes, rather than traveling. Home in Nantes? It's officially been 1 month here! Home is starting to feel like a comfortable thing to say around these parts.

Today is dedicated to the likes of French literature and American television, coconut mochas and earl grey, and talk time with both friends here and afar. And I'm caught between having so much to say on here, yet completely baffled by how to say it all. Ya feel me? This is a weirdly normal occurrence, and I chalk it up to being a bonkers perfectionist.


Yesterday, my head was filled to the brim with things I wanted to discuss: first impressions, the holy $#!& of Oktoberfest, my impending marriage to croissants, why I wouldn't call myself a feminist, and the absolute absurdity of TV in France. Nearly every entry sat neatly written in my head, but the intention to write bailed hardcore as soon as I was home.


Hmph. Some friends.

Instead, I'm finding myself on this lazing day just wanting to keep it light. We're hanging out in pajamas, looking at a random smashbang of pictures, and just calling it kosher.

After all, it's Friday, and that's reason enough for me.