8 (More) Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

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This knowledge is like your own personal summary of me. Education without homework? Get on my level. Consider this the SparkNotes of our friendship. We're talking facts--fun facts--sorta like these.

Because we're about to dive into real talk, and that's no place for strangers to go. Kapeesh?

8 (More) Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

1) Travel tells it like it is. If we travel well together, we get along well too. We're like peanut butter & jelly--complementary and going places in this world.

2) I have an unconventional love of oatmeal. And I'm totally okay with it.

3) I'm rarely rattled or visibly upset. If I am upset, you probably won't know it.  Unless you know me insanely well, in which case you'll know that I'm upset before I do.

4) I often forgot that I have long legs, even though people comment on it all the time. Sometimes, when I see a picture of myself and realize this, I'll catch myself thinking, "HOT DANG, I'M ACTUALLY AN ALIEN."

5) Nearly every pair of tights I own is ripped in the jankiest of places. Confessions of a constant do-er with reckless abandon for pants.  It suits me.

6) I somehow ended up as a finalist in a Pillsbury Baking Contest when I was 11. Cake and I are homies that go way back.

7) The chances of a hippopotamus flying are better than the chances of me having an umbrella when it's raining. Think I'm kidding? I once arrived dripping wet for a formal interview because of this. On the bright side, I got the job.

8) I love hiking. And once given the free rein to wander, you better believe I want to go to the top.