It's Nice to Meet You, Europe

{Note: Meant to post this Thursday, but janky transit wifi was not having it. Formatting is also a tad unsightly. Apologies, real talk coming soon!}

I kind of have a thing with Thursdays. 10 am call time feels like a treat after two days of 8am classes. Thursday means a class at the university on French workplace, the sweet gent who bought me a coffee, and an Argentinian tango class.

You heard me.

I'm on a train to Paris now--my first ever and the inaugural ride of the semester. Nantes today, Paris tonight with Google friend A, and Munich tomorrow for Oktoberfest with the darling roommate, H.

I'm in my happy place. The one filled with ripped tights, Teaseville USA, joyous reunions soon to come, and the gripping wanderlust that just reached over to hold my hand.

We're going places, you and me. Warm Bavarian pretzels? You got it. A liter of lager? There shouldn't even be a question mark there. You, me, & a world to see?

Well darling, I thought that was a given.