From Paris to Oktoberfest

Today, we're going to do things a little bit backwards. We're going to talk about Dublin tomorrow. Because we can. Power to the people! On tap today: adventures in Paris and at Oktoberfest. Holy toledo, you might need to stand up for this one.


I met A--among the best of friends from Google--outside of the train station  in Paris late on Thursday evening. Epics hugs were exchanged, and tears of joy may or may not have been present. A quick stop at A's host family's palace apartment and then serious business!

Also known as takeout sushi. Which included getting drenched in a Parisian downpour and not caring one dang bit. There was talk of going out on the town, but you know what? Wine, cheese, chocolate, and 6 hours of life talk are pretty tall, dark and handsome. That's real life.

We also ended up vid-chatting with four other friends from Google. These people are what may only be described as "the freaking tits," and I didn't even realize myself how much I've missed talking to them. We're an indescribable bunch all doing crazy different things, but it just works. No explanation necessary because well, tits man who has time for that? Sometime around 3:30 a.m.,  A and I smushed into her twin bed and returned to talk between two. I fell asleep smiling. Happy, so so happy.

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Friday, 7 a.m.: Alarms go off in unison. This kid is headed to Munich for Oktoberfest to meet H, my roommate and best friend at Georgetown. is London-bound to meet friends. We hug it out like its an Olympic sport. Technique is major (and impeccable).

Around noontime, I wind my way through the Munich airport before spotting a bright, blue sweater and tortoise shell glasses that could only belong to H. Hug-a-thon resumes. Olympic gold medals are a veritable DUH at this point.

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and I head straight to city center talking a bajillion miles per minutes while in search of food. We find Thai curry, or rather, curry finds us. And it's game over. Curry......what? It's cool; go with it. Exploring continues. Munich in Oktober has got it going on. It's vibrant. It's special. It's the kind of place where beer trumps all else, and who's going to argue with logic like that?

I should also mention it's bonkers beautiful.

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We hopped on an off the spectacularly efficient D-Bahn (German train), going with spontaneity as our tour guide. We found nature! Or, I mean, something like that. Decided that life is a garden. And we dig it.


Statuesque buildings and blue sky peek-a-boos. Buildings here are no wimpy business. Neither are the Germans, apparently.

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Churches richly hued with gold and so #casual you had to make sure it wasn't just painted there. And casually accompanied by a mobile library because reading is all sorts of jazzy on a crisp outside afternoon.

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Somewhere along the way, we stumbled through a giant square with bean bags and hammocks plopped everywhere. Because nap time is a real life thing. America, get with the program. Please & thank you.  IMG_5501

And finally, we found humanity at its finest. A spectacle of tomfoolery that looks like an adult version of Disneyland. Where OUT OF ORDER is the only order and logical reason is no good reason at all.

Welcome to Oktoberfest. Stay a little while, why don't you?

{to be continued}