Deuces, Dublin


"So did you have a 'beery' nice weekend?"

These are the kinds of texts that you receive from Momma J after a weekend in Dublin. Punnyness is apparently all sorts of contagious. Whoa nelly, we're talking science!

This past weekend traveling to Dublin was like life's version of a giant thumbs up. 12 kooky students; Guinness; Trinity college; fish and chips; coats & a lack there of; GREEN; irish soda bread; hostel shenanigans; and an endless quest for water beer.


Is it story time? Surely it is.

But since Monday is officially shaking its fist at my face, we're going to save deets for tomorrow. Like how friend, K, almost found herself with a marriage proposal and 64 cows.

Moooooooooooo-re on that tomorrow.