This Is Where We Find Rhythm

Right now, I'm smiling like a kid who was given two scoops of ice cream when she was only supposed to get one. Except wait. I am that kid? Fact.


The gelato guy in St. Malo said he liked my smile, and boy did he get a kick out of the mega-watt grin on my face when I received the double scoop salted caramel / cookie gelato pictured. Charm, it seems, is a universal language. 

It's strange the difference a week makes. Last week Sunday, I was slightly stressed about nothing in particular and everything in general. But as pals and reminded me, "Girlfriend, you're in France. It's gonna be ok." Aside from the holy-tits-i-broke-my-family's-oven moment earlier today, all is better than well.

I bonded with my host dad this week, discussing why he believes in using organic/local ingredients at home and in his restaurant. We spent around 30 minutes talking about the importance of wine as a cultural symbol of France. Food is his jam, and it's no surprise to me now that he was on the French version of Top Chef because he's a bo$$ like that. Dang Papa, we're going to be fast friends.

I finally found a class at the university that I really enjoy and later stumbled into a wonderful conversation with some exchange students. One, a computer science major, uttered the words "Mountain View," and I almost lost my marbles with excitement.

Rockclimbing class and Argentinian tango lessons found their way onto my schedule. Beyond that, I befriended my surrogate host sister. To end the week, I also ate a pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant) that definitely maybe changed my life.  Yeah, please check my sanity at the door. We have a whole situation going on here.

Rhythm found its way into the end of this week, and it's more than welcome  to the party.


I spent most of Saturday with the other IES students at Mont St. Michel -- an island town and abbey -- and while I'd been before with my family, the place was still breathtaking. The monastery itself is magical in all of its ancient glory, perched upon a huge hill of the island.

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We explored St. Malo for the second half of the afternoon, as I treasured the aforementioned double scoop of gelato and chatted with pals like it was 1989. I almost asked whether Willy Wonka was the mayor of the town because the entire place was filled with candy, chocolate, crepe, pastry, and gelato shops. Now I understand why people put their children on leashes. Except not. Because that is and will forever be bonkers ridiculous.

IMG_5250 Today was spent truly and simply in French fashion: hanging out with family, going to church/Mass (more on this to come!), and enjoying an amazing home-cooked meal. With wine.

Because here, wine is the only natural and necessary vehicle for rhythm.

Or so says my host dad.