This is How You Franglais


I'm glad we're friends now. Because if you looked at my Google Chrome search history today, you would find an extensive catalogue of research on douches. Homegirl, say what?

In my defense, "douche" is the French word for shower. So if you're all about that franglais life (have you forgotten who you're talking to?), you may or may not have searched for things like "how to take a douche" or "why are douches so small in France." In case you were wondering, a douche is defined in French as une projection d'eau (a squirt of water). Great, even better.

Just be glad you didn't see the Google Images results.


The past couple days have been filled with the start of classes, between the study abroad institute (IES) and the University of Nantes itself. Add-drop period is a beast as is, but when classes are 100% in French, that spells some six hours of class and one very gnarly headache. I'm caught in between feeling like I'm not speaking enough French when around American friends and also feeling like my head wants to give its two weeks notice for trying to think in French all the time. So far, I've compromised by bribing myself with gelato.

Tomorrow, I commence my third day of classes, with courses in French Sociology, French grammar, International Trade & Globalization, and also an intensive lab in Phonetics & Conversation at the university.  Did I mention my first class starts around 8AM?

You know, I'm totally not above gelato bribery two days in a row. Time will tell.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go take a douche.

...I mean shower.

love & other hugs. ~lexi