Sans Routine


This might be one of the first blog posts I've ever written that isn't chock full of the world's best puns. Forgive me? Soon to come.

Tomorrow marks the 1 week mark for semester abroad here in Nantes, and it's gone by in a sort of incoherent french-spangled blur. We've spent a majority of this past week in orientation activities, learning about the city, region, and study abroad program itself. The past week  has been a lovely crash course in abroad life, but I'm still lacking any sort of routine. I realize that's not necessarily a bad thing.

More than anything, this summer taught me that there is more to life than routines. But here, I differentiate routine from normalcy. I'm ready to have some sort of framework to life and to at least have the nuts and bolts of my days, weeks, and months here. With plenty of spontaneity thrown in.

I know these haphazard days are part of the experience. These are the days when it's easy to verge on overstimulated, trying to absorb so much at once that none of it really soaks in. Reading between the lines: sleep now, blog later.

We receive our class schedules on Friday, following orientation and cursory language courses the rest of this week. I have tons on tons on tons to share from this past weekend (spent traveling the Brittany region of France), but perhaps that can wait a hot second :)