Thursday Snippet

IMG_4885 Thursday, we meet again. This is a morning kind of picture. Glasses, a lazy chignon, and soft French music behind the camera.

There's some baguette, homemade currant jam (did I mention my host dad is a chef?), and coffee so good black that I drank two cups. I'm reading a cookbook just because it seemed like a delicious way to wake up. And because I'm procrastinating on brushing my teeth and taking my vitamins.  (Yes mom, I know I need to take my calcium.)

General orientation starts this afternoon, but before, my host mom is taking me to meet my host dad for lunch at their restaurant.

First thought: I'm dreaming; pinch me. Second thought: TITS MAN, my French is terrible. But if you can't stand the heat, keep out of the kitchen? Allez-y.

(let's go)