The Objective

Penser, parler, vivre en français -- Ça c'est l'objectif primaire du semestre. IMG_4916

{En anglais}

"To think, to speak, to live in French -- That is the main objective of the semester."

Well said, Mr. Director. Around noon, I met my host Dad (la deuxième papa) at my host family's restaurant for a leisurely lunch of fresh baked moussaka, baguette, cheese, and fruit. The restaurant is everything I could dream of and more, shaded with hues of charcoal gray and gold. Orientation afterwards was long but interesting....and definitely all in French. Rule #1 of the study abroad center is NO ENGLISH, and it's strictly enforced. I was surprised by how well I could understand and not-so-surprised by how less-than-well I could speak.

But in short, a wonderful first day!