Learning So Much?


You wouldn't believe me if I tried to explain how many times I've tried to write this blog post in the past few weeks.

During the commute to work, over lunch, while in bed. Despite my best intentions to share my summer via blogging, I've been failing miserably. I love looking back and reading my old posts but have been struggling to write. Why?

I certainly have no shortage of things to share. From crazy adventures in San Francisco to intriguing tidbits from Google, I've been wholly immersing myself in new experiences this summer. Rather than blogging about my every move and meal, I have found myself much more apt to simply live life and see where it takes me.

Homegirl say WHAT? Yes, I promise the "normal me" hasn't been abducted by aliens.

I'm living in the moment and learning so much at the same time. I miss blogging as a form of a reflection, but I've been lucky enough this summer to find friends with whom I can discuss the nitty gritty at the end of the day. On that note, how about we catch up? You thought I'd never ask.

Especially these past few weeks, I've been a busy bee at work, as "crunch time" approaches for my project. Now that I've thought through most of the idea/planning/brainstorming/organizing phases, I'm working on building the platform I've set out to create. I can't say a bunch on this, but I can tell you that there's a host of other amazing things coming out of Google right now.

Like Project Loon!


Project Loon seeks to provide balloon-powered internet for everyone. Curious about the deets? Read more here!

Outside of work, I've spent my free time...


Checkin' out AT&T park and going to a Giants' game. Lesson learned: AT&T park has temperatures similar to that of Antarctica. I bet penguins would make great baseball players.


Seeing Ed Sheeran & Sara Bareilles LIVE in Golden Gate Park...fo free! Does it get any better? Yep, when there's chocolate chip cookie sandwiches involved....


Celebrating National Pride Day the only way San Francisco knows how....with over-the-top parading and festival love. Repping Google with shirts and balloons and singing loudly and unquestionably out-of-tune while dancing with the crowds. Drag queens optional but highly recommended.


Exploring the wonders of Santa Cruz. Eating delicious Mexican food, soakin' up the sun, and being reunited with my beloved Pacific Ocean.



Taking a trip to Lake Tahoe for the 4th of July. Takung pictures like the 21st centurites that we are. Hiking like the adventurers we always wanted to be. Trying jetskiing for the first time...then wishing I could jet ski every day for the rest of my life. Because I am a thrill seeker who just can't say no to moving a little bit faster. Getting bronzy tan....MAAAAAAD bonkers tan.


Hiking through Muir Woods and taking in the majesty of Northern California's famed Redwoods. Talk about dirt, trees, life, nature, life. Repeat.


Wandering through Sonoma County & Napa Valley. Spending copious amounts of time laughing, taking more pictures, learning all things culinary, and of course, making fun of one another. Eating croque monsieurs like we're California royalty and watching acrobatics in the park.  IMG_4264

Hearing Dr. Henry Kissinger speak for an exclusive Google talk on foreign policy. You know, NBD. #casual. Thinking about how every foreign service school student at Georgetown would want me to take a picture for their international-relations-loving souls.


Hanging out with Mother dearest in Marin County. Consuming cheese x100,000. Cruising through the farmers' markets like it was our very own nirvana. Hiking around Point Reyes, home of some really darn good bleu cheese.


Trying Google Glass {which was pretty darn awesome!}. It's borderline mindblowing that an entire computer can fit into that tiny tab!


Seeing Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z live in San Francisco for their Legends of Summer tour. For those wondering: we did indeed bring sexy back. Rest easy tonight.


And finally, hanging out with these lovely people. Doing breakfast food and doing it big in Lower Haight. Chillin' like villains, and being young and {just a litte} reckless because what is life without a few risks? Casually known as the Breakfast Club. Or intern buds. Or the coolest kids on the block. Or my best friends.

I wish I had the devotion to blog a bit more so as to share these experiences in a bit more detail. But perhaps most importantly, I'm happy and thriving. I can't even begin to describe how much I've learned this summer--not just in an academic or intellectual sense, but rather a far greater scope of growing up. Life lessons are in no shortage, and good or bad, I've found that I'm learning so much about myself as both a persona and professional.

I'm thankful to Google for showing me how to innovate and iterate; I'm eternally grateful to the friends I've met here for challenging my views and piquing thoughts where they may have otherwise remained absent.

Oh my dear, summer 2013. You have a knack for reminding me that sometimes learning goes far beyond education.