This Googler Almost Gets It

IMG_3987 Hey there, friends!

Week 2 has been awesome so far. Now that I've begun working on my projects, meetings are trickling onto my calendar like it's nobody's business. Of course, I've also had plenty of time to explore and have fun (per my boss' explicit instructions).

After working on projects most of the morning yesterday, I went to lunch with a group of my coworkers. My manager was out of office, and the other guy on our team was in a meeting; as a result, our lunch group ended up being all women. I didn't think about it much at the time, but later on, I realized how interesting and unique that is! Google seems to do a great job of putting women in the workplace, but even so, my team is a bit of an anomaly. We're majority women! Lunch was great, and conversation was no less vibrant. Discussion ranged from just about every subject to the moon and back.

Later, I decided on a change of scenery and moved to a different side of campus to kickstart the second half of my work. Interestingly, I'm most productive when not in a traditional desk/cubicle environment, so I left my desk to hunt for a new spot. I wandered around the founders' buildings (where Larry & Sergey sit) until I found a comfy nook outside. Equipped with a fizzy Hint water (infused with strawberry + kiwi), I settled back into work. Google Docs + Google Calendar + Gmail = my LIFE...if they weren't already. ;)

Around 5:30 p.m., I breaked and headed to one of the gyms on main campus. On the agenda?


I've tried kickboxing once or twice at a gym near home in California, but I was excited to try it again and mix up my routine. While I'm a yoga addict at heart, other activities keep things fresh & exciting. Verdict?


Nevermind the fact that my kickboxing skills are beyond laughable. I smile like a complete goober when I throw a jab, and you don't even want to know what I look like when we do back-kicks.


To finish the party: one HUGH JASS sandwich. Arguably one of my favorite meals so far.

Acme Multigrain bread. Organic chicken breast. Avocado spread. Pesto. Portabella Mushrooms. Arugula. Lettuce. Tomato. Red Onions. Dijon Mustard. Pickkkkkkles. Salt. Pepper. Love!

And a ridiculous pickle. No joke!


I have bunches more to tell ya'll, but in the interest of not being a zombie tomorrow, I'm headed to bed! I'm participating in GoogleServe tomorrow, which is a community service program, and I want to be well-rested for our projects.

A bientot (see you soon) :)