Google: Day 0

Hey there friends :) I arrived at my housing for the summer last night. It's beautiful to say the least! More suburban than I expected, but the awesome people make up for it.

So I don't technically begin orientation/work at Google until tomorrow, but I'm meeting with my boss (and the rest of the work team) for a quick lunch today at the Google campus.

The things I've realized thus far:

  • The people are AWESOME. Literally, I haven't met a single person yet who isn't amazingly kind / funny / down-to-earth / crazy brilliant. Last night, I met some of the interns who have already been here for a few weeks, and this morning, I met a grad student who has background in both electrical engineering / computer science. Crazy smart, no?

  • Google food is a big deal. Okay okay, so I kinda already knew this, being that I'm a foodie. But everyone talks about in conversation. Most people eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Google. That's not including unlimiteeeeeeeeeed snaxxxxxx. Yeah, you heard me unlimiteeeeeeeeeed snaxxxxxx. I'll likely try out these mystical noms tomorrow, but ya never know about today...?

  • East Coast transporation rocks. Seriously, DC Metro, I love you. NY Subway, you rock my socks. Santa Clara Transportation Authority, you have big shoes to fill. Though the GBus (cushy seats and free WiFi) was pretty jazzy!

  • I was excited to put on "real people" clothes this morning. I have been living in yoga clothes / bathing suits for the past 2 weeks. Thank god for the reentrance of blazers and flats.

  • I'm dying to explore San Francisco. Help a sistah out?

Also, I got my first peek at Google swag!!

Official new Googler (Noogler) orientation kicks off tomorrow. For now, I'm off to lunch to meet the team. Wish me luck!