Google: Day 0 (part 2)

Photo on 6-3-13 at 2.58 PM Back so soon? Just to check in and let ya'll in on an update.  Lunch wasn't just good.

Lunch. was. amazing. We went to the Google café "Blaze," and I was really impressed.

Think smoked duck. Pizza with walnut pesto and heirloom tomatoes. And roasted fiddlehead ferns with morells. Pho. Fattoush salad. Biscotti. And a barista ready and waiting.

There's 26 cafés in total around the campus ranging from barbecue to Mexican. We also stopped by food trucks on the way back to the office. Because one of the cafés on campus is closed for renovation, Google provided the food trucks free of charge. And with a swipe of a Google badge, you're welcome to participate. Say whattttt?

Photo on 6-3-13 at 3.05 PM #4

If you're thinking this is not real life, I would be in total agreement. Did I mention there was fizzy blackberry water? Don't even get me started on my love for carbonated fruit-infused goodness. After lunch, I was planning on killing a few hours in downtown Mountain View reading a book or catching up on some e-mails, while waiting for the G-Bus. Instead, one of my co-workers offered to drive me home to San Jose. Again, it's unreal how kind every, single Googler is!

It's not even Day 1: Orientation, and I'm already starting to see what people mean by the Google "Kool Aid."

Pictures? Those may have to wait until tomorrow. Because I'm working in Security, much of my work will be confidential. This includes a "no photography/video rule" inside the building. Orientation will be a different story :)

Photo on 6-3-13 at 2.59 PM #3

Quickie workout at the gym + watching a new show...coming right up for a casual Monday in the Silicon Valley :)