Welcome Back?


Whoa man, it’s been awhile since I’ve been ‘round these parts.

Fact: I just wrapped up the first semester of my sophomore year at Georgetown.

Holy fudge. Where did time go?

I’m inclined to explain everything that happened to me in the last three months, but truthfully, that’s rather impossible.

It was hard. Wonderfully hard or hardly wonderful? Well, both. This semester brought things I guessed but never could have expected. And now in hindsight, I find myself combing over the details, trying to figure out exactly happened. I think I went to the moon and back. I think I forgot what it meant to have free time. And I know for a fact that shiz hit the fan…uhh, more than once.

Heavens, that poor fan.

Well to quote dear Marilyn Monroe:

Sometimes things fall apart, so better things can fall together.

I’m planning on doing a bunch of writing in these next few days to reflect on the tidbits of knowledge learned over the semester. While some things learned this semester were done the hard way, I can’t help but think that those hard experiences have a way of being the best lessons.

Did I mention there will be food involved in this sha-bang? Oh dear, how rude of me. Yes, there will be food Smile And most likely picture of yoga, the Pacific Ocean, and everything in between.

Get ready? Or not. Because sometimes, you can’t quite expect everything in life.