Small Kitchen College Repost: The Perfect Fourth of July Dessert

I like holidays. A lot. Most people just have an extra bit of pep in their step and easiness in their voice. But me? Well, I get crazy. (But you already knew that.) So naturally, you would understand that I’m just a tad excited borderline beside myself with enthusiasm about spending the Fourth of July in the heart of the nation itself.

Red, white, and blue everything. Firecracker popsicles. Barbecues in the name of independence. Star-spangled nail polish. The national anthem…and plenty of pop dance anthems too. Fireworks? Fireworks! Uncle Sam costumes. And of course, AMURRICA!

You know— just the usual.

But despite my overenthusiastic patriotism, I feel a little guilty. The thing is, I have a little secret. Okay okay, a terrifyingly big secret. I don’t like the most all-American thing of all.

I don’t like apple pie.

Now before you go shouting, “The horror! The horror!” and registering me as public enemy #1, allow me to explain. Pie and I are just friends who were never quite meant to be. I don’t like apples when they’re cooked and mushy. Ick. Pie crust, for all its flaky tenderness, is just a tad too buttery and plain for my liking. I love making pie, but eating it just doesn’t have the same appeal. However, spending my summer in Washington D.C. without a patriotic alternative is quite simply crazy talk. And speaking of crazy talk, I’m prepared to make a bold statement.

What would you say if I told you that these summer shortcakes rock the red, white, and blue like a boss?

If I told you that they use local, in-season produce?

If I told you that they take less than 30 minutes to make?

If I told you that these Red, White, And Blue(berry) Shortcakes trump silly ‘ole apple pie any day?

You would say that I’m crazy.

Crazy awesome, that is.


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