Introducing the Characters: Helen


Helen – H

Roommate soulmate. Loves weddings, goat cheese, honey bunches of oats, and cute babies. Feels emotions, like whoa. Blues for world domination. My Maine squeeze. Will start cracking up with me at any given moment. Notorious for her catch line, “That really bakes my noodle.” Gets stuck in elevators. Can’t stand wrinkly clothes.

During CHARMS (the Georgetown roommate matching program), I met a girl so crazy similar to myself that we began calling ourselves “roommate soulmates.” A few days later, she popped the roommate question, noting our “key similarities and important differences.” I said yes. We’re both pescatarians who share an insane love of oatmeal and sweet potatoes, Greg Laswell & The Civil Wars, and videos of laughing babies. She’s my part time yuppie and full-time best friend on the planet. I wouldn’t have it any other way.