Small Kitchen College Re-Post: The 5 Best Birthday Breakfasts

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The 5 Best Birthday Breakfasts

by Lexi Cotcamp

When it comes to food (and hey, just about everything else), holidays are kind of a big deal.

However, the truth is, not all holidays are created equal. Christmas may be the main squeeze, but I can guarantee you that few people know the date of Columbus Day or the story behind it (#occupyNorthAmerica?).

But there exists one holiday that each individual holds in higher regard than Santa Claus himself.


Birthdays are the icing on the cake of a year—an ingenious moral holiday of shameless self-promotion celebrating the one and only Y-O-U. From candles and cakes to singing and toasts, birthdays are the crème de la crème for a foodie in particular.

Posh lunch date? Sure thang.

Classy dinner bash with a friend group the size of Jamaica? Obviously.

Dessert? Is that even a question?

Amidst the delicious food coma that is a birthday though, the best meal of the day is often mercilessly thrown to the wayside. Breakfast gets relegated to the birthday backseat—smushed somewhere in between “whatever” and “ehhh.” Eager to begin the day’s festivities, one often forgets about the humble mindblowingness of breakfast.

But worry not. I’m here to tell you that breakfast can still be part of your own little individual anniversary. I’m here to tell you that a glorious breakfast is like the trailer of a great movie—just a peek of what is to come. I’m here to tell you that breakfast is one birthday present to which you shouldn’t forget to write a thank-you note.  So close your eyes; make a wish; and get ready to celebrate your birthday, a friend’s birthday, or any birthday…with breakfast shenanigans. Because you really can have your (pan)cake(s) and eat it too.

**5 Best Birthday Breakfasts**

1. Pancakes. I am wholly convinced that there is no better birthday present in this world than a heaping stack of buttermilk pancakes with warm maple syrup. To jazz up your hotcakes for a birthday, simply get creative with mix-ins. Treat your ‘cakes like a real birthday cake, and find your favorite flavor. Try adding nutella and  strawberries for a Parisian flair or apples and cinnamon for an all-American twist. And if some cake batter happens to get thrown in the mix? Well, I won’t tell. Don’t forget a candle in the middle for a true birthday (pan)cake experience!

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