Velvety Deliciousness

That color is unmistakable. There's cherry red, brick red, fire engine red..and then there's this.

Red as in...




Trendy? You betcha.

Delectable? Sometimes.

Healthy? Usually, no. Today, yes.

I wish I could give you the recipe tonight, but I'm not satisfied.

Well, my eyes are satisfied, but my tastebuds are not. These are good, but they could be better.

And we like "better," right? Right.

Sorry to be a tease, but if perfected, these could very possibly complete your life. But until then, I'm afraid they'd leave you feeling like destiny has yet to be truly fulfilled.

Whoa nelly, this is getting to be deep stuff.

Let's stick to food, if that's okay with you.

For now, go make these wonderful cookies of uber amazingness.

They will make your life complete.

And once you've finished making those and telling me how great life has become because of a cookie, we'll talk red velvet.

We  will talk. Don't worry--I won't forget.

There's a reason I can't walk straight or whizz through Calculus. That part of my brain is devoted to cupcakes. No multitasking. Just cupcakes. I like to call it "selective brain function."

Aight, all this science stuff is getting too fancy for me. Pinky promise you'll come back to talk red velvet with me?

Okay, good. Sounds like a plan, Stan.