My Work: The Long Story, Short

Creating community

There's a certain magic in realizing that we're all cut from the same cloth -- not a cut above or below one another. So from inviting thousands of strangers to have dinner together to connecting nonprofits with volunteers, my life's work is in building a community greater than the sum of its parts. 

com·mu·ni·ty ( n. ) — 

Leveraging technology

"Technology matters because it is inseparable from being human," writes David Nye. I fell in love with technology for its ability to impact humanity. Pure and simple. Because whether it's a product or a service or a "hello" world, technology is essential in empowering people to solve the problems that matter most. 

tech·nol·o·gy ( n. ) 

Driving social impact

Impact is the oxygen of what I do -- the life blood. 
I care deeply that what I do matters in this world. And that it's all about the people. Whether it's creating a product to bolster youth wellness or transforming a mom and pop shop's opportunities, my mission to drive positive social change remains paramount. 

im·pact (v. / n. ) 


Brand Transformation: Doctors Without Borders

As a special initiative for strategy firm SYPartners, I created a proposal to transform Doctors Without Borders' brand. I led the way in identifying core truths, challenges, and opportunities. Then, I created a game plan to activate strategy, outlining how to scale & transform Doctors Without Borders into an innovative humanitarian brand.

brand strategy, experiential marketing, competitive analysis, market research


Google for Nonprofits x YouTube Donation Cards

I played a leading role in liaising with agencies and externally launching Google for Nonprofits' partnership with YouTube Donation Cards (60K+ views on YouTube). These donation cards empower nonprofits to raise money using YouTube videos by asking anyone watching their videos to donate directly. Technology, meet social impact. 

creative production, brand & product marketing, content strategy, social media


Launching a New Product: 'sweetpress'

Everyone has a first love. And sweetgreen was mine. I joined the fast-casual startup, as it was on the cusp of becoming a nationwide breakout. I launched a new product (sweetpress) that became worth 15% of revenue. And in the process, I defined brand messaging, analyzed market trends, and conducted competitive analysis.

integrated marketing, product branding, competitive analysis, market research


Video Strategy: Google for Nonprofits (G4NP) in Three

In designing a growth campaign, I set out to put video at the heart & center of brand strategy. I was responsible for creating a consistent narrative across all digital media, infusing the Google voice at each touch point. This involved hand-in-hand collaboration with internal & external creative, product, legal, & communications.

brand marketing, social media, video production, campaign planning, analytics


Dinner With 7 Strangers: A Guerrilla Marketing Experience

So you want to know what the world's coolest dinner party is like? I was featured in the Washington Post for founding a nonprofit startup that brings a community of 10,000 anonymous people together for food & food for thought. Dinner sparked a viral sensation, resulting in the acquisition of 1,000 active users overnight. (Yes, overnight.)

guerrilla & experiential marketing, brand strategy, social media, campaign planning


Brand Marketing: Telling The Corp's Story

At heart, I'm a creative storyteller. And this is not a story of what--it is a story of who. This is the story of students serving students. The Corp is the nation's largest entirely student-run, non-profit corporation with 270 employees, $5 million in annual revenue, and more than $70,000 in annual contributions to the Washington D.C. community.

brand marketing, agency partnership, content strategy, social media, video