Why hello there, I'm Lexi.

And I'm a big believer that "hello" should be extraordinary. I like big, audacious problems; ideas with intention; and stacks of pancakes that exceed the serving size on the back of the box. I believe in pursuing dreams with gumption, in making a meaningful difference. Because impact is at the core of who I am & what I do.

I'm a maker and a storyteller. A Renaissance woman whose magic lies in moxie (n.) -- a boldness of spirit & limitless possibility. Like Leonardo da Vinci, but with more Dad jokes. Or Oprah, sans free car giveaways. 

Wait, what? Yep. It all goes back to 2nd grade, when I had to choose one elective class: art or science. Instead, I penciled in a new box & chose "both." (Note to self: That's considered bad-mannered, not badass, in 2nd grade.) So I was given detention. Turns out though, detention was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Because I spent all 46 minutes convincing the principal to let me take both art & science. And it was then that I became wholly & irrevocably -- me. 

I like people who dream BIG. And dance like they mean it. Because otherwise, why bother (really?)

As a homegrown Californian & Georgetown alum, my life's work is rooted at the intersection of passion x purpose. Between technology, community, and social impact. I like boots made for walking and dresses made for doing. I like people who dream BIG. And dance like they mean it. Because otherwise, why bother (really?)

I'm a creative storyteller with strikingly diverse experiences, having worked at companies ranging in size, scope, and mission. My background is in bold product marketing and product management. Which is the TL;DR way of saying I'm the "super glue” between business & technical teams. My superpowers are multi-faceted. I'm really good at making PB&Js, embracing awkward moments, and notably -- leading people to translate ideas to action. Weaving a compelling narrative along the way.

So this is my story. And it's only just beginning.