On a mission to do big things with amazing people, starting at the intersection of passion x purpose.



.: who i am

At heart, I'm a Renaissance woman. Like Leonardo da Vinci, but with more Dad jokes. Or Oprah, sans free car giveaways. And it all started in second grade. 

.: what i do

So what does it mean to do big things with amazing people? See my work in technology, community, and social impact for a sneak peak. 

.: where to find me

You can usually find me roaming the streets of San Francisco, or one of the world's other urban jungles. Best reached via voicemail or carrier pigeon.


"With no structure and little guidance, Lexi dove in to help launch products like YouTube Donation Cards, working with numerous teams on a tight timeline to develop content with an incredible story for nonprofits." 

- Erin Hattersley, Google for Nonprofits | Marketing Manager


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